Most Popular Smartphones Applications

The most popular applications on the Smartphone is a game. Application of the game topped the category followed by the application of mobile apps and social networks of weather information in the next sequence.

Based on latest data released by research firm Nielsen, users who download smartphone applications in the last 30 days, 93 percent are buying gaming applications.

Known, most gamers in the iPhone, Windows mobile phone 7 or the Android download the game that often they play. While BlackBerry users are usually only play games that are already on their devices.

"The average mobile gamers play games 7.8 hours per month. Those who use the iPhone tend to play for 14.7 hours per month while the users of Android 9.3 hours per month," Nielsen wrote.

In the data downloader application for 30 days, Nielsen recorded 64 percent to download games, 60 percent download the application information to download weather and 56 percent of social networking applications.