Bìgbang konser di Indonesia 13 Oktober 2012

Bigbang konser di Indonesia 13 Okteber 2012
Boyband Bigbang akhirnya dipastikan konser di Indonesia. Bigbang akan mengunjungi Jakarta 13 Oktober 2012 mendatang. Hal tersebut diumumkan langsung melalui akun Facebook resmi Bigbang. Jadwal untuk Indonesia yang sebelumnya belum tersedia kini sudah

4 Toxic Products to Banish From Your House

4 Toxic Products You Should Banish From Your House

Cleaning the house and pampering yourself shouldn't pollute your home
and put your health at risk. Using cleaning or personal care
products can be done without poisoning the air you breathe or expose
yourself to toxic chemicals. Here are four chemicals to kick out of
your house for good.

LG introduced the TV Dual Vision for playing games

LG introduced the TV Dual Vision for playing games. New technology in 3D TV allows video game players can see two different 2D images when they were